Dell likely to receive other offers

Michael Dell looks like he will have a challenge on his hands with counter offers expected to come from Blackstone and Icahn for the technology giant.

According to Reuters, Dell Inc have appeared to have gotten counter offers for Dell after after receiving it’s initial offer from Michael Dell and private equity company Silver Lake partners valued at $24.4 billion. This news means that Michael Dell is set to have a big fight on his hands trying to retain control of the company he started years ago.

It has been reported that Blackstone Group has put in an indicative offer prior to the expiration of the go-shop period. The offer placed by Blackstone Group has yet to receive any formal financing by banks.

Any purchase of Dell is expected to be partly financed by selling parts of the company that are not seen as core components.

Dell are a known mostly for PC hardware in Australia rather than services. Dell offer great deals on desktops and laptops and they often provide a Dell coupon to use when purchasing from their online store.

How to choose ballroom dancing shoes

Outfits are an important part of a dance presentation and therefore choosing the right shoes also helps with the presentation. Ballroom shoes must not only look pleasing to the eye, it must also be comfortable and allow you to perform to your best.

There following is a guide on what to consider when selecting the right shoes.

The first thing to ensure is that you get the right sole on your shoes. One of the best options is suede shoes which ensures you have a good amount of grip on the floor.

Secondly make sure you have the right height heel on your shoes. Heels shoes be no higher than 1.5 inches.

Thirdly decide whether you want a closed toe shoe or open shoe. A closed shoe will help protect you if you get stepped on.

Finally, make sure you choose comfortable shoes that support your feet. The worst thing that can happen is that you injure yourself with poorly supporting shoes.

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Important lessons for successful ecommerce

Online shopping is growing in Australia and retailers are starting to take it seriously, especially because of the onslaught of overseas online retailers flooding the Australian market.

Some of the biggest online retailers from around the world are having great success in Australia. One major example is beauty retailer StrawberryNET. StrawberryNet have a dodgy looking site, however have this has not stopped them achieving huge sales through marketing techniques such as offering a StrawberryNet coupon code and other promotions.

There are some clear rules to follow to achieve success on the internet. The first is to try to differentiate yourself from other online retailers. Show consumers something special that they can’t get anywhere else.

Secondly, offer consumers convenience and an easy to use website. Presenting something to consumers that is over complex will deter them from using your website.

Thirdly, make sure you invest in search engine optimisation. This will ensure consumers can find you or stumble across you when looking for products you may sell.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1

Microsoft has recently released the touch screen friendly version of Windows called Windows 8. Microsoft’s goal when producing Windows 8 was to make it compatible and interchangeable between a table device and a laptop device.

Devices are now coming out to accommodate this new platform and one of the first and most convincing devices is Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch.

The device comes with a Intel Core i7 processor version 3 and has 8GB of RAM and a 240GB sold state drive. The device also comes with a 720P web camera. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon also has 3G capability so you can take the internet on the road with you. The device has a 1600 x 800 pixel screen with a matte finish.

The device has a USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 port as well as microphone jack and mini port connector.

The actual dock that converts the tablet to a ultrabook PC is purchased separately to the device.

The device can be purchased right now with the top of the range version costing $3119 but can be bought cheaper with a Lenovo coupon.

Surfstitch was a thorn in Billabong’s side

The retail market worldwide has experienced a major downturn with the issues surrounding the European debt crisis and the double dip recession in the US. This has meant that many of the big retailers worldwide have reported dramatic downturns in profits.

There have been very few markets that are immune from the devastation. Even countries like Australia where the economy still has a lot of strength and is not in any recession risk, has seen retail suffer. The state of the world economy has made consumers in Australia wary of the spending.

One area where spending has increased however, is internet shopping. Australia has seen an explosion in online spending due to the cheaper prices that can be obtained. One such company that has performed extremely well is SurfStitch. The company has been growing exponentially month on month and has attracted the attention of Billabong so much so that the company purchased a large stake.

SurfStitch have achieved great growth through amazing advertising as well as providing a SurfStitch promo code to consumers.

Back to school accessories – US Style

In light of the shootings that occurred in Sandy Hook Elementary School, one company has decided to update it’s range of offerings aimed squarely at the US market.

Migual Caballero is used to make clothing and equipment which are bulletproof for VIPs and politicians around the world and had not even considered making a children’s range until the shootings that occurred in Newton, Connecticut.

Migual’s factory sells about 50,000 bulletproof garments a year. The average retail price for each item is approximately $2000.

Migual now believes that there is a market for his products for children who’s parents fear about their children’s safety. He will therefore design products ranging from bullet proof tshirts, vests and backpacks. He has never been able to achieve a foothold in the US but believes that this could be his first chance.

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ASOS grows two fold

The ASOS juggernaut continues on as proven when it released it’s first quarter results. The sales growth for the company is 30 percent over last year and for the three months to November, revenue was 169 million pounds.

The UK based company saw international sales rise by 34 percent and this meant a 2 percent rise to 63 of overall business. The international sales are an important part of ASOS’s sales as they make up a majority of their sales. Sales in the UK rose by 24 percent.

Retail margins for the company were slightly down with much of this attributed to the practice of offering an ASOS coupon. The reduction in margins was also due to the strong competitive period of trading in the UK.

Nick Robertson, ASOS CEO, was happy with the result and commented that the UK performance was better than expected and companies where ASOS provided a local dedicated website had proven to perform better than the EU.

Contact Lens

Contact Lens are probably one of the best inventions (non surgical) ever created for those that feel self conscious about wearing glasses. You can have the worse vision imaginable but appear as if you have perfect vision with the use of contact lens.

The way that contact lens work is very similar to how glasses work. The contact lens is shaped such that it directs the light entering the eye onto the correct part of the lens. This ensures the image that is entering the brain for processing is accurate and not distorted which happens to people with poor vision.

Contact lens are relatively easy to purchase since all you need is a prescription. You can purchase them from many online stores such as Clearly Contacts and Vision Direct. There stores often provide a coupon which allows you to reduce the cost even further, in fact you can get a Clearly Contacts coupon which discounts your purchase by 10%.

Vodafone to cut hundreds of Jobs

One of the biggest telecom companies in Australia, Vodafone, has decided that they will cut hundreds of jobs by the end of November. The company has faced a huge amount of problems over the past couple of years since merging with the 3 network and now look to make themselves a trimmer, leaner network.

The company will reduce mostly office staff from around the country but have not yet advised how many staff that they will cut.

The company has been had to deal with a big drop in revenue and a rise in costs as it ramps up the upgrade of it’s mobile network to enable LTE.

The parent company, Vodafone Hutchinson Australia reported a loss of $131.1 million dollars in the first half to June. Revenue is down by 4.73 percent on the previous year.

The company’s main issue is that it has bled a million customers since it merged and most of these issues have been to do with an unreliable network.

To help deal with issues, the company often offers Vodafone promo code to entice customers on board.